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VARGUS - VG-Cut Глубокие канавки, резьбонарезание и отрезка - GROOVEX - 2016 EN

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VG-Cut Deep Grooving, Threading and Parting Off

Complete Range of Solutions for External Turning Applications

VARGUS Ltd., the leading supplier of premium thread turning and thread milling solutions, as well as hand deburring
tools, launched its groundbreaking range of GROOVEX tool solutions for cost-effective, high-performance grooving
applications in 2011.
With full commitment to the GROOVEX line of tooling and insert solutions across all industry sectors,
VARGUS Ltd. is pleased to introduce its newest family of products - the VG-Cut.
The new family of VG-Cut tools opens doors to greater application exposure within the same insert pocket of
Deep Grooving, Parting Off, Turning, Profiling and Threading all with excellent designated chip formers and carbide
grades, making VG-Cut the most versatile product yet.

VG-Cut tools cover a large scope of Threading Standards for machining between shoulders and close to the spindle,
and up to shoulder depth of 10.0 mm.
The VG-Cut, with its unique multifunctional geometry, minimizes inventory for the end-user in an extensive
selection of applications.

Blades                                                                                                         Monoblock


        Parting Off  Deep Grooving  Turning                                                       Profiling &  Threading between
                                                                                                  Undercut          Shoulders